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After school today I took my youngest, eight year old, granddaughter to her ballet lessons.

Watching a dozen little girls trying to master ballet is a sight to see. They were awkward, clumsy and absolutely beautiful to watch.

Sanskrit is the ancient mother tongue of most of the languages spoken in India and almost all the languages spoken in Europe (among the exceptions are Basque, Albanian, Hungarian, Finnish and Estonian).Her mother must've said something to her because she screams out, "I'm trying! Thank her parents for teaching her European dance and not nignog hiphop.This girl is called "the most beautiful girl in the world" by Daily Mail, Women Daily Magazine, and others. Everyone and every nation thinks of their children as the most beautiful. She is an extremely beautiful child but I fear with the liberal agenda when she is an adult they will push her to have children with a Black.Reminds me of everyone in my family except the "rare redhead".I came from blonde parents and produced blond children.

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